Minneopa Cemetery

Historic Minneopa Cemetery

Since 1855

Oldest Continuously Operating Cemetery in Blue Earth County

Minneopa Cemetery Board Policies*

Burial Policies

Standard grave spaces (approximately 5’ x12’) allow for the following options:

  • A conventional casket with vault burial.  Only one vault per grave space is allowed.  Vaults cannot be stacked in a single burial space.
  • Two cremation burials.
  • A single cremation burial over a conventional burial.

Cremation plots (approximately 5’x 6’) allow for the following:

  • A single cremation burial

Burial permits

  • Death certificates required for casket burials
  • Pertinent information required for cremation burials

Winter burials are allowed at the discretion of the cemetery superintendent.  Generally factors affecting the decision are: amount of frost in the ground, amount of snow, location of the grave and potential damage to property or markers. The cemetery has a building designed to hold caskets until spring burial if necessary.  There is no fee for doing so.

Weekend burials are allowed. There may be additional charges for opening and closing the graves on Saturday or Sunday.  This is determined by the charges to the cemetery from the subcontractor.

Property Sales

Property sales give the right of burial to the owner of the property or his/her designee.  Property may not be resold to a third party, but may be passed on to direct descendents.  Minneopa Cemetery will repurchase the property for the original price if the owner no longer wishes to use the property.

Financial arrangements can be made for the purchase of property, but property must be paid in full prior to burial.

Markers and Monuments

All graves are allowed markers (or headstones) to recognize the burial.  Double markers are allowed on side-by-side graves. Single markers with two names are allowed on single graves spaces with two burials. Monuments are allowed in designated areas on the west side of the cemetery and anywhere on the east side where space allows. The cemetery superintendent will determine if appropriate space is available in all cases.

Decorations on Graves

  1. Planters must be in approved raised containers, not on the ground or graves.
  2. Decorations may be placed on graves prior to Memorial Day as long as they don’t interfere with mowing and trimming and will be removed seven days following Memorial Day if not in an approved container.
  3. All decorations will be removed the first week of November.
  4. Any decorations placed on the ground or graves during the remainder of the year may be removed at the discretion of the cemetery superintendent.
  5. No maintenance will be performed on any private decorations by cemetery personnel.
  6. No trees may be planted without approval of the cemetery superintendent.

Maintenance of the Cemetery

The cemetery board strives to maintain the entire cemetery in the best condition allowed by the budget.  Regular mowing is performed as needed and as weather allows.  Weed control is performed annually.  The gravel roads are sprayed and graded as needed. Tree and shrub trimming and removal are performed as needed.  Following burials the cemetery is responsible for re-establishing the grass as needed and repairing damage to property. 


*The policies are subject to change without notice and this list is not deemed to be complete. All inquires should be made to the cemetery superintendent.